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Day Trips from Puerto Banus

Don't limit yourself to enjoy the sun, beaches and nightlife of the Costa del Sol.
To get the maximum value from your holidays in Marbella, we reccommend you to do some trips from Puerto Banus.
It is a good experience to know more about the Andalucian people, their history, traditions, culture, art and way of life.
To do so you have some options to choose at your convenience; We will describe some of them as follows:


Located within a one and a half hour drive from Puerto Banus, on the top of a rocky mountain surrounded by vertical cliffs.
Ronda is a town of a huge historical interest and beautiful landscapes.
Among the typical features of Ronda, it is worth to mention : Craftsmanship, Forge and Rustic Furniture industries.
It has also a remarkable home-made food industry: Goat cheese, Olive oil, Chestnut sweets, Red wines, and Confectionery.
Artisanan shops that worth a visit:
Ceramics: Ceramica Rondeña (Plaza de España); La Cimada (El Burgo road-Km 3th.
Textiles: Textilar (Alta street, 136)
Rustic furniture: La Cereza (Calvario street, 5)
Cheeses: Reycabra; Queseria Rondeña (Campillos road, Km 3th)
Olive oil: Almazara (El Burgo road)
Chestnut sweets: La Molienda verde (Cruz street, 33); Confituras serranas (Calvario street 13).
Red wines: Las Monjas (Estacion de Parchite, 104)
Confectionery: Panaderia Rocio (Nueva street, 21)


Bull ring

Typical dresses

Located in the Ronda mountains range, within a one hour drive from Puerto Banus, Casares is an all white village with striking views over the mountains and the Strait of Gibraltar.
Its origin dates back from the Iberian and Phoenician ages.
In the year 61st BC the Roman Emperor Julio Caesar was in Casares taking sulfurous baths in the fountains of "La Hedionda" and "El Duque".
Places that worth a visit:
Mourish castle ruins of 13th century
Incarnation Church, 16th century



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